Sesderma Seslash Lash & Eyebrow Growth-Booster

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Lash and eyebrow serum

Lash and eyebrow groth-boosting serum. Serum contained in lipid bubbles which allow to transport the active ingredients straight to the root of the lashes for unparalleled results. Treatment with SESLASH helps achieve longer, thicker and more defined lashes which also look healthy and full. Can also be used to achieve thicker, fuller eyebrows. 

Ideal for the treatment of short and/or sparse lashes and eyebrows. Loss of eyelashes due to make-up removal, periods of stress or medical treatments causing them to fall out. Its combination of active ingredients, which includes Growth Factors, Morus Alba Extract, Red Clover and Peptides prolongs the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes, delaying their falling out, boosting their growth and regenerating those that are damaged. The formula also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which gives the lashes moisture and suppleness. Jojoba Oil and Panthenol nourish and protect the lashes, improving their resistance.

The first visible results are achieved after 3-6 weeks of treatment. Maximum results are obtained after 6-8 weeks of use.



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