MISSHA Speedy Solution Blemish Clear Patch

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★ Hydrocolloid spot patch helps minimize the formation of scars by preventing the generation of scabs over damaged skin or wounds by maintaining an appropriate level of humidity.
★ The clear thin patch tightly affixes to the skin for long hours thanks to its excellent adherence.
★ Different, mixed sizes are available to provide customized spot care according to the size of the problem area.

What is the hydrocolloid patch?
* The sealing technology which maintains excellent permeability helps protect injuries from water, dust, and bacteria, prevent inflammation and produce an optimal environment that enables rapid healing of injuries by absorbing effusion. 
* In the moisturizing environment, it helps reduce the possibility of forming scars during recovery from injury as it does not produce scabs.

1.Cleanse the injured area and let it fully dry.
2. Without applying any ointment, affix a patch that is slightly bigger than the injured area.
3. After applying the patch, if the patch swells up white due to the absorption of effusion from injury, replace it with a new one.
*Do not change the patch too often so that the patch can fully absorb effusion from injury. If the patch no longer swells up due to the healing of injury in 2-3 days after being attached, change it once a day or several times a day until the injury subsides.

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