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Carrot dry oil

Skin toning and fast-absorbing carrot dry oil. Contains natural Carrot Oil, Aloe Vera and Etheral Oils. Suitable for all skin types. An ideal product even for the most dry skin. Makes skin smooth, softer and leaves a beautiful light sun-kissed glow. Absorbs in just 60 seconds.

Natural carrot oil accelerates the natural tanning process, while protecting skin against sun burn. Carrot oil nourishes and cares for the dry and ageing skin, evens out the complexion and improves its elasticity. The skin remains silky soft and regains a youthful glow. Carrot Oil conains high amount of beta-carotene, Vitamins A and E and antioxidants that protect the skin against the damaging effects of rain, wind and sun rays. Natural Aloe Vera restores the skin's moisture balance without leaving the skin greasy. 

Aloe is a source of Vitamins B and C, folic acid and carotenoids. Aloe soothes sun burns and other skin damage. It forms a protective layer to help the skin to retain its moisture. Aloe has various beneficial properties and high content of antioxidants which stimulate skin regeneration.

Natural tangerine and orange etheral oils relieve stress and provide a calming effect. Tangerine etheral oil balances the skin and improves its texture, helps to prevent the formation of scars. Effectively balances oily and acne-prone skin, providing a thorough hydration. Ideal for dry and sensitive skins.

Dry oil acts as a perfect moisturizer and forms a protective barrier that helps the skin retain its moisture.

- No synthetic fragrances
- No paraben
- No artifical coloring additives
- No alcohol
- No mineral oils

Use on body, face and neck. Spray onto fingers or palm of your hand and massage onto cleansed skin. Thanks to dry oil superb qualities, it absorbs quickly and does not leave the skin greasy or oily. Apply to entire body as you would do with a regular body moisturizer.

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