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The chocolate mask has been specially created to tone and shape skin. It has a rich and at the same time airy structure comparable to an exquisite Italian dessert beloved by gourmands. The chocolate mask contains a revitalising complex for jaded skin that has lost its elasticity, and it has the potent of effect of rejuvenating skin structure.

Effects: The theobromine present in cocoa activates the metabolism of lipids, thus reducing the quantity of undesirable fats. The high amount of minerals and magnesium in particular, has a beneficial effect on skin and muscle tone. Cocoa nourishes and enriches skin with vitamins A and E, as well as containing antioxidants offering protection against free radicals - the undesirable impact of the environment, and slowing down aging processes. The product’s ingredients also include oats which look after, soften and heal skin. Laminaria algae contain a lot of alginic acid salts which soften, moisturise and enrich skin with microelements. As a result, the skin regains its elasticity and vitality. In addition, the mask relaxes, helps to expel toxins and improves the metabolism of skin cells. The chocolate aroma precipitates the distribution of endorphins or so-called happy hormones which help to reduce stress and tiredness.

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