Collistar Anti-Age Talasso Scrub

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Anti-age body scrub


A real regenerating treatment that helps fighting skin ageing and makes the your skin immediately bright, supple and ultra-smooth. The new Anti-Age Talasso Scrub with essential oils, orange blossom and Sicilian citrus fruits combines the benefits of talassotherapy with those of orange fruit therapy, carrying our 4 different actions.

1) Exfoliating and Renewing: sea salts accelerates the skin cell turnover
2) Anti-free radicals and Whitening: rich in alpha hydroxy acids flavonoids and vitamin C, Sicilian citrus fruits combat skin aging and prevent the formation of blemishes.
3) Regenerating and Anti-Aging: precious L22® Complex helps to restore the hydro-lipidic balance typical of young skin.
4) Revitalizing: essential oils of Sicilian citrus fruits and orange blossom invigorate the skin and help active ingredients work harder.



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