Biodroga MD Clear+ 24h Care For Impure Dry Skin

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24h cream for impure, dry skin

Impure, dry skin needs moisturizers, protection against moisture loss, grooming and soothing components and a strengthening of its protective barrier. With the right support, the disturbed skin metabolism can be stabilized again.

DMC – Derma Membrane Complex, salicylic acid, BioEcolia®, D-Panthenol, Codiavelane

Scleroglucane belong to the family of the polysaccharides,gained from the Sclerotium Rolfsii fungus
• Bind lots of water
• The TEWL is reduced, moisture loss decreased
• The stability of the protective skin functions is maintained Vitamin E-Acetate
• Important radical scavenger
• Protects in particular the skin cell membranes Thistle oil has a high linoleic acid portion
• A light oil leaving no film Jojoba oil liquid wax from the olive-similar fruits of the jojoba shrub
• Is considered by many peoples as medicinal remedy
• Conditions skin particularly soft
• Protects it against moisture loss

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