MISSHA Time Revolution Bridal Cream Intense Aqua

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High-moisturizing care to complete with cooling and soothing benefit with moisture barrier
★ Providing moisture 
Cooling benefit of sorbet texture which melts softly on the skin to help soothe sensitive skin and provide moisture to skin in order to keep skin moisture by smooth moisture barrier. 
★ Cooling & soothing benefit by moisture 
After Hyaluronic Acid capsule which gathers moisture breaks, it provides fresh moisture to skin and soothe sensitive skin by pure moisture cooling benefit. 
★ Skin preservation benefit 
Micro Hyaluronic Acid which provides the moisture to skin closely to help change dry skin to moisturized and soft skin.

The pinnacle of beauty which is completed by 3 conditions to be beautiful and healthy skin such as skin tone, elasticity, and moisture

Main Ingredients 
✔ Blooming Bouquet Complex 
(European Paeony Root Extract, Western Rose Extract, Madonna Lily Stem Extract, Jasmine Extract, Freesia Extract)
Beautiful flower’s extract to help care for bright and moisturized skin like bouqet leaf providing vitalized energy to skin. 

Blooming Tone Up
✔ Dia Reflexion Formula
Micro sized diamond powder to help express smooth and transparent skin by reflecting like a reflector
✔ Calamine
Natural pink of Calamine to help express bright and vitalized face.
✔ Milk Protein
Milk Protein to help care for sleek and moisturized skin texture providing nutrient and moisture to skin.

Repair Firming
✔ Dual effect collagen
High molecular and low molecular Collagen fills up the skin closely to make smooth and healthy skin. 
✔ Comfrey Leaf Extract
It helps soothe sensitive skin to make healthy and clean skin.

Intense Aqua
✔ Patented Hyaluronic Acid minimizes as micro size and provide moisturized to skin effectively.

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