MISSHA Rotorua Spa Mud Mask

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Pore total care mud mask helps resolve various pore problems at a time.

Sebum adhesion + pore cleansing + dead skin cell removal + pore shrinking + elasticity + moisture

★ It helps perfectly care pores by removing impurities and excess sebum with superior adhesion from Rotorua spa mud.
★ Methyl sulfonyl methane called 'beauty mineral' helps provide moisture and elasticity on the pores and make them smooth and tight.
★ It helps provide moisturized and clean skin texture by sebum control effect of white willow bark extract.

Pore cleansing and aftercare at a time!

The need pore care when
-you see too many pores on your face
-your face looks dull and lifeless
-you feel that pores and skin are less elastic
-you would like to have smooth skin
-you would like to reduce secretion of sebum
- skin problem increase
-makeup sits in the pores

Main Ingredients
✔ Rotorua Spa Mud
Rotorua mud known as the world`s third best mud in the sulfur spa region in New Zealad.It helps keep pores clean and healthy by strong adhesion and natural cure mineral ingredient
✔ Methyl Sulfonyl Methane ( MSM )
MSM called “Beauty Mineral”.It helps get better complexion and gives moisture and elasticity.


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