Inebrya Ice Cream KroMask Colour Mask Intense Copper

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Nourishing colour mask, intense copper


Nourishing colour mask revives, intensifies and adds depth to natural, coloured and streaked hair. Restores intense tones to dull and lifeless hair, nourish, detangle, and condition the hair structure. Protects against cellular ageing and free radicals and leaves hair soft and full of brilliance. Perfect for enriching copper cosmetic tones with copper highlights and for carrying out fashion techniques (e.g. balayages).


Wash hair with right Inebrya shampoo and dry excess water with a towel. Wear disposable gloves, apply a suitable amount of product (approx. 20-30 ml), rub gently and distribute with a wide-tooth comb. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse off well. Increasing the time up to a max. of 15 minutes will increase the intensity. Avoid applying the product directly on the scalp!

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