ACM Sebionex.K Keratoregulating Cream

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40ml Kolmetoimeline kreem koorivate, matistavate ja rahustavate omadustega, sobib vistrikulisele nahale.

Sebionex range is specifically designed for young people and adults with acne-prone and/or oily skin. The components in the products are thoroughly tested and help reduce imperfections of the skin, limit their appearance and regulate sebum production.
Sebionex.K is keratoregulating cream for oily, blemished skin.

Triple action cream with keratolytic, matifying and soothing properties. Contains AHA complex to remove dead skin cells from the superficial layers of the skin. α – bisabolol reduces irritation and slows down inflammation, ammonium lactate moisturizes and zinc gluconate regulates hyper-seborrhea. The cream also contains mattifying ingredients.

It leaves the skin pleasantly soft and matte.
Directions for use: Clean the face with Sebionex foaming gel and apply Sebionex.K on clean skin twice a day. Can be used as a monotherapy or in combination with other acne treatments

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